Quote of the week

You must do the thing you think you cannot do.

(Eleanor Roosevelt)

Whether your significant other is human or of the furry kind like Juliana's, have a wonderful Valentine's Day! 


February 8, 2016 // Advice / Artist / People & Portraits

When I went through my archive this evening to prepare my #musicalmondays post on INSTAGRAM, I got stuck again for at least an hour and scrolled through my tons of images that I took of my wonderful friend Kevin in Ibiza. This first image is a candid shot. We were just done with our shoot and were super hungry. It was just before sunset, and Kevin pulled his jacket out of his car, because it would eventually get cooler sitting outside in a restaurant. I snapped this moment, and it kinda looks like the cool yacht behind him would be his, haha! All guys love boats in all sorts of sizes and luxury. So before we found our way to the restaurant, we did a little boat-seeing, which was quite impressive.


I'm always tempted to pull out images from Kevin for my Happy Monday post, because this guy is so very inspiring, and I could sit all night with him, enjoy some cocktails and talk about life and personal growth. BTW, the last time we had cocktails, they were alcohol-free. Seriously. We were in a cool bar full of hip people and we didn't wanna look too uncool with only milkshakes or water, but also didn't feel like having alcohol that late.


Here's to a great week, everyone! How about this gratitude prayer: Be thankful for the nights that turned into mornings, friends that turned into family, and dreams that turned into reality.


February 3, 2016 // Down-Syndrome / Juliana / My life
Faschingszeit is in full swing here in Germany. This week Juliana will be attending three Faschings-Partys - and she's overjoyed! This year my teenage girl goes as a Hippie. When I said good-bye to our "Faschings" costume box for good (which included Wickie, Princesses, Policeman, Spiderman, Witch, Batgirl etc.), I finally realized how grown up she already is. Sometimes it feels like in an blink of an eye she grew from Lilifee Princess to H20-mermaid.

On Monday night, Juliana and her bestie Janina went to a "Faschings-Disco". They had so much fun. Although dressed up as a Hippie, she reminded me more of a Red Indian due to her big bruise on her left cheek. Sometimes I believe her guardian angel must really like her. On Sunday night she drove with her scooter downhill, didn't really manage to brake, and bang she crashed! Luckily it's only a bruise.

Wishing all you Fasching-Aficionados a great Faschingszeit! Helau and Alaaf! :)


February 1, 2016 // Advice / Artist

This stunning lady has been the role model for many of her colleagues in the industry, and also thousands of fans and followers. Being so very successful for many many years wasn't just a coincidence or fell into her lap or even happened overnight. It takes a certain amount of skills and determination, perseverance and patience to get there. You need an entrepreneurial attitude and continuous acquisition of new skills and knowledge. If you're not learning, and if you're not in charge of managing your career, you're very vulnerable in an industry that is characterized by rapid change and lots of competition. You need an attitude of „This is my life, and I'm going to make it happen." ... always keeping the big picture in mind. Successful women learned to avoid or remove negative beliefs that could hold them back. They believe they can do whatever it takes. They refuse to feel like victims or to waste time blaming others. They focus on what they can learn from any situation and on how they can deal with it productively.


Have a happy Monday, everyone! Help others to succeed. Sharing knowledge empowers other women. You never know who you'll inspire. One thing you say or do might give hope and encouragement to someone who needs it.


Hello to February, and yet another month gone in no time at all. We've been doing the „A little extra" Wall Calendars for seven years now. My darling muse Juliana is in every calendar. First I felt a little bit awkward about it, but then she's my constant inspiration and motivation for all my work with a little extra. It's a wonderful feeling when your passion becomes your profession, and you're clearly on a mission. My mission is to put a smile on your face. :-) Here's to a great February! xoxo