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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


In some parts of this world October is special, because it's Down Syndrome Awareness Month. All over the interwebs they support the down syndrome community with awareness and advocacy. They share photos of their beautiful kids and tell us what they wish people would know about our children with the extra chromosome.


For seven years now David Neufeld of the Neufeld Verlag and I have been publishing our „A little extra" Wall Calendar and we are still as excited and happy about it as in the first year, because we have been rewarded with so much awesome and encouraging feedback and heartwarming stories that we are very grateful for.


It's about time to proudly present you guys our Wall Calendar 2016! Along with the changing leaves and hot pumpkin soups, we'll be joining in the celebration of October and Down Syndrome Awareness. So please stay tuned this month here and on Instagram and Facebook for we'll be giving away a few goodies from our „A little extra" series.

If you don't have a subscription of the calendar already, the A little extra calendar can be directly ordered through the Neufeld Verlag, your favorite book store or through Amazon - 365 days of sunshine, joy and big smiles guaranteed! :-) Of course, the Neufeld Publishing House does International Shipments as well, just send them an inquiry via email


Now onto our new calendar with 12 rockstars from cutest to coolest who will most likely bring a big smile to your face.

Wall Calendar "A little extra" 2016 from Conny Wenk on Vimeo.

October 5, 2015 // Advice / Artist
Last week one of my oldest (haha, she's 13 days younger than I am!) and best friends came all the way from Munich for two cups of coffee and a little peek into our new place. She told me that she's quite unhappy with her corporate job, but hasn't had the courage to apply for a new job. Thinking about writing a thousand applications and getting them all back with a "no", feels pretty discouraging and not very motivating to even begin with. 

It is so much easier to encourage a friend, because it's easier to see the big picture from outside. So I told her that it's the most important thing to get started. Just with one small step. And then another step and another. Sometimes the smallest step in one direction ends up being the biggest step in your life. And I reminded her that we've all been there. NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP! Even the most genius people of history tried and failed. Tried again, failed again ... and again until they succeeded. Thomas Edison  made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. When a reporter asked him "How did it feel to fail 1,000 times? Thomas Edison replied "I didn't fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps." Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. 

Have a great start into this week you guys and if things don't work out or you're about to fall (again), remember Confucius: Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.


What a beautiful start into this month. Not only will it be a super sunny and warm day, but also this little cutie's smile gives us an immediate energy and happiness boost. Life is good! And so are you guys! Thank you so much again and again for stopping by and reading! Happy First of October, everyone!


I hadn't looked at these images from our  early July JUVELAN lookbook shoot in literally months. So when I uploaded them this afternoon, I immediately got this warm and fuzzy feeling in my stomach that feels so incredibly good. A feeling of being beyond grateful. To have all these people in my life makes me SO VERY HAPPY. This killer crew is a gift on so many levels. We are family.


Holy Moly, I believe the day of our shoot was the hottest day in Germany in 2015. Our super wonderful hosts (actually the best hosts in the universe!), Nicole & Stefan (I love them so much!), were so sweet and organized a little pool last minute. As you can imagine, we were queuing in front of the pool and fighting for spots to cool down, haha! The pool, lots of water and the shade really helped to survive that HOT day. But the biggest motivation and applause of all was when Johan pulled out his homemade naked cake. OMG, I am so darn proud of him. I knew that he is an incredible jewelry designer, talented musical performer, and awesome cook, but I had no idea that his skills go far beyond all that. He just nailed it with this cake. After all it was JUVELAN's 5th anniversary - and we celebrated to the fullest.


This time we were blessed to have the intensely beautiful Anaïs Lueken as our bridal model. Oh my, we all fell immediately in love with her. Without makeup (and boy did our good friend Nati an awesome job again with her makeup AND hairstyling skills - yes, wow, the hair!!!!) Anaïs is the gorgeous girl next door you just wish to have as your best girlfriend, because she's super fun and a true partner-in-crime. And with Nati's makeup she suddenly turned into the classy and divine and gracious Katherine Hepburn and we were smitten and totally in awe!


In case you were wondering why I haven't looked at my own images in months is the proud fact that this time, Johan - the grand designer himself - laid his hands on the lookbook and designed it. Could I be any prouder?! See, another talent of his! This man is just too good to be true! But luckily he's true!!!! ;-)


Now finally onto the images. If you've been following us for a while you will be quite familiar with the rest of the gang. My beloved assistant Ulli without her I'd be so very lost, always reminded me to drink enough water, because I'd forget it (and yes, she is also my role model!). My best buddy Freddy who makes every shoot extra special, because he is super extra special! We were lucky to have more of the Vandamme family on board. Liesbeth is just a rock star film director and we always have a blast. Nati was super happy to be assisted again by the sweet Melissa who always does an incredible job. And thank you, dear Sarah, for providing us with the most handsome male model ever: Stormy! He is just AH-mazing! Please enjoy our lookbook no. 19 (yiiiihaa!) and be head over heels with Anaïs and JUVELAN's latest gems. 


 1. Was machst Du beruflich?

Geschichten erzählen.In andere Menschen schlüpfen, sie versuchen zu verstehen und dabei die richtigen Töne und Schritte zu machen.



2. Dein Lebensmotto?

Es gibt mehrere - je nach Lebenssituation u. a. "Throw kindness around like confetti", "Happiness starts with you", "The best has yet to come", "Choose to be optimistic. It feels better".



3. Dein heimliches Vergnügen?

Chips, Schokolade und Malbücher



4. Was liebst Du auf Deiner Pizza?

Einiges: Parmesan, Rucola, Gorgonzola, Kartoffeln - aber lieber nicht alles auf einmal.



5. Karnivore, Vegetarier oder Veganer?

Ich esse fast alles - aber keine Bananen oder gekochte Eier.



6. Wie trinkst Du Deinen Kaffee?

Mit Milch


7. Welcher Film hat Dich zuletzt so richtig zum Lachen gebracht?

Ich lache immer wieder gerne über "Bridesmaids".



8. Welcher Film hat Dich zum Weinen gebracht?

"Still Alice". Anonsten weine ich regelmäßig bei Grey's Anatomy.



9. Wenn Du mit jemandem ein Duett singen könntest, wer würde es sein?

Tony Bennett



10. Mit wem würdest Du Dich gerne einmal zum Kaffeetrinken verabreden?

Jetzt gerade mit meinen Großeltern, die 1400 km weiter nördlich wohnen.





 11. Was schätzt Du bei Deinen Freunden am meisten?

Dass sie für mich da sind, obwohl ich weit weg bin und oftmals weder zu Geburtstagen, Hochzeiten, noch Taufen kommen kann.



12. Was schätzen Deine Freunde am meisten an Dir?

Hmm, das müssen wir wohl eigentlich meine Freunde fragen. Aber ich glaube, dass ich ein guter Gesprächspartner bin, da ich die Welt nicht schwarz/weiß sehe.



13. Welches Kompliment hast Du zuletzt erhalten?

Dass meine neuen Kollegen froh sind, dass ich da bin.



14. Was hast Du zuletzt verschenkt?

Nur einen Gutschein für meine wundervolle Nichte, die 12 geworden ist. Ich konnte leider bei ihrem Geburtstag nicht dabei sein.



15. Welches gemeinnützige Projekt würdest Du unterstützen (oder unterstützt Du bereits)?

Oh, da gibt es viele. Vor allem Kinder liegen mir am Herzen. Ich habe jahrelang ein Paten-Kind unterstützt.



16.  Abends schön ausgehen oder lieber gemütlich zuhause?

Am liebsten mit meinem Freund schön essen gehen.



17. Was war der beste Ratschlag, den Du jemals bekommen hast?

Betrachte und behandle dich selbst so, als würdest du zu deinem Kind reden, bzw. dir selber als Kind, d. h. voll Liebe und nicht zu kritisch.



18. Welche drei Lektionen hast Du in den letzten drei Jahren gelernt?

Allen voraus : Anything can happen if you let it.

 - Empathy and happiness is a choice.

 - Life is too short for drama.







19. Was ist Deine wichtigste gesunde Gewohnheit?

 Wasser - am Morgen gleich zwei Gläser.



20. Was war das Verrückteste, das Du je gegessen hast?

Ich weiß nicht recht - wahrscheinlich war es nicht sonderlich verrückt, anonsten würde es mir wohl sofort einfallen :-)



21. Deine Lieblings-App?

Instagram und Toilet Finder (vor allem gut in neuen Städten) und mobile pay, da kann man Freunden per SMS Geld schicken (zumindest in Dänemark).



22. Dein Lieblingsrestaurant?

Eine Freundin von mir hatte das beste Sushi Restaurant in Kopenhagen "Fifty Fifty"- leider hat es zugemacht. Restaurant „Mini" in Wien ist ein Favorite. In Kopenhagen gibt es einen Food Market auf Papirøen, das sind natürlich viele Essenstände auf einem Fleck und die Atmosphäre ist super.



23. Dein letzter Urlaub?

Am schönen Wolfgangsee.



24. Pool oder Meer?




25. Yoga oder Pilates?

Beides - aber meistens Yoga und dann am liebsten Bikram.



26. Zartbitterschokolade oder Vollmilchschokolade?

Zartbitterschokolade und weiße Schokolade.



27. iPhone oder Android?




28. Kindle oder Bücher?




29. Hunde oder Katzen?

Beides. Zur Zeit aber eine Katze.



30. Wo finden wir Dich Samstagabends um acht?

Wahrscheinlich im Theater oder in einem netten Restaurant mit meinen Lieben.












Anaïs took a few fun making-ofs :-)

Ulli and Freddy loving some cake!


Super cutie Melissa ... and hahaha, look at Johan's fun face! 


Ulli telling us how important it is to drink lots and lots of water!


Liesbeth and Freddy cooling their cameras and feet down :-)


Nati doing and incredible job!


Mwuahaha, love this one! Freddy and Johan's very first encounter with pompoms ;-) First they looked like aliens to them ... later they LOVED them and decorated the whole Brentwood farm with them in all colors of pink :-)


Johan's POMPOMHAPPY dance! ;-)



JUVELAN Jewelry, Concept & Lookbook: JOHAN VANDAMME
Photography: CONNY WENK
Hair & Makeup Artist: NATALIE KOTTMANN
Set Assistant: ULRIKE SCHLEE
Hair & Makeup Assistant: MELISSA WIEDMANN

September 27, 2015 // Advice / Artist / Beauty & Glamour

To wish for something brings us joy and motivates us. The older we get the more difficult it becomes to dream, because we all are afraid of disappointments, because we had them before. Dreams are what give the soul life.


Have a great start into this week, kick that fear in the backseat, turn the radio up and let your hair blow in the wind!