Quote of the week

The best things in life are unseen. That's why we close our eyes when we kiss and dream.

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds gossip about people. So true! Life is too short to talk about people and stirring up trouble that has no substance. It's a lose/lose-situation. It hurts them, and then it hurts your reputation. So, not only today: Refrain from gossiping :)


December 20, 2014 // Advice / Fun

Today I am happy on the giving and the receiving end. :) I had anonymously sent a beautiful flower bouquet to my Mom's best friend. Flowers are the perfect expression of gratitude and appreciation and they deliver the message that we care. I can only imagine how happy she will be. And just the thought that she might smile now at every person she has contact with, because she thinks they might be the secret consignor, makes me happy.


But to top it all off, yesterday I received this beautiful surprise bouquet and my heart skipped a beat. Luckily I found a sweet greeting card with some beautiful lines and greetings from „Anonymous from the Far East". Ha! And there is only one person I know (well besides of his colleagues I know too) who is performing in the Far East at the moment. :) I am completely over the moon .....


Also a big thank-you for all of your wonderful stories and participations in our little „Random Acts of Kindness" adventures - we enjoy all of them, and they always put a smile on our face! Little by little we can make this world a more beautiful place. Have a wonderful 4th Advent weekend, everyone!


Two days ago I found a 2-Euro-coin in front of our common garbage area. Geez, I was so happy when I picked it up. My first thought was, how can I treat myself now (maybe buying a croissant at the bakery around the corner). Later I thought, maybe someone just left it there on purpose doing a fun random act of kindness himself. Because it worked. :-)

So today, leave your coin in the shopping cart - you'll make someone happy for sure :-)


December 18, 2014 // Advice / Fun

Practicing patience is something oh-so familiar for us families with kids with a little extra. Sometimes everything needs a bit longer, we are used to another pace. Our kids teach us to slow down and be patient. „I used to drive the highway, always left lane in high speed, now I took the exit and left the highway to take the scenic route which has so much beauty to offer" my friend Bonnie said so very well.


I believe practicing patience is a life long assignment, especially in our fast-paced world where we are used to get everything in an instant. Today let's practice patience ... because with love and patience, nothing is impossible.


Happy Thursday!


Mark Twain said it right: „I can live for two months on a good compliment." In the past years I have received quite some „letters of admiration" from wonderful people whom I extremely thankful for. Receiving such a letter is something so powerful. It soars you to the top of the world, motivates you to new heights and creativity. We all deeply crave for recognition, praise and acceptance. We all want to feel needed and valued.


I have also received quite a few letters of admiration anonymously. First I thought this is kinda sad, because now I can't say thank-you to the nice addressor. But then I loved the magic of the anonymous consignor. For a while I thought with every person who liked or commented some of my work that this could maybe be the anonymous „good fairy".


Today we would like to encourage you to write someone you admire an anonymous love letter. Not only will you feel good about yourself (remember: giving is the best!), but also just think of the happy recipient doing his happy dance :-)


Happy Wednesday, everyone!