Quote of the week

Anything is possible.

Lin is one of the cutest, prettiest, and most thoughtful girls I have met lately. Before she travelled to Stuttgart to have a four-hour mentoring session with me, she sent me the sweetest e-mails, which always lifted me up and carried me through the rest of the day. She's a true gem. And she is super shy that you just wanna hug her and tell her how sweet she is.


When Lin showed me her photography portfolio on her iPad, I literally fell off my chair. So much talent. So much beauty. She certainly has the eye and the heart to take incredible images and capturing the true essence of her subjects. After I viewed half of her images, I jokingly asked her: „So why are you here?" Then Lin gave me her cute shy look and silently told me that she so much enjoys taking pictures, but then she absolutely struggles to blog them, because she seemed to never finding the right words to write a great blog post that suits her images or the people she photographs.


Interestingly this is something I hear very very often from photographers who are excellent in what they do, but then they feel very awkard in finding the right words or writing something interesting about their photo shoot.


In my opinion you don't need to have majored in journalism or your mother language, as long as you stay authentic and write from the heart, it will always sound great and will capture your readers. Good writing isn't about picking the right words, you need to make your audience to feel something. Inspire them. Writing is emotion. Maybe it helps when you imagine one of your favorite people or cheerleaders on the other end who will be reading your post. Just write as you would talk to her or him. And free yourself from the pressure of what other people may think about you. If someone doesn't like what you do then he or she might not be on the same wavelength with you anyway. So then it's a good thing you have put them off. The ones who love you for who you are and what you write and post about, will come back to you. I remember at one of the last workshops I attended, one of the photographers told us that she has put a very romantic almost corny poem on the intro page of her website. With that she would attract the right clients who are on the same page as she is. Also she would repel the wrong clients for her.


Have a great weekend, everyone! 


As I am currently working on my next book „Außergewöhnlich" with „siblings" as the main topic, I am happy to introduce you to this super lovely family of five. Cute little princess Elisabeth certainly couldn't wish for cooler, better, sweeter, stronger and better brothers than Jonathan and Immanuel. These guys rock! I remember the day of our shoot darling Elisabeth didn't feel that well. Her sweet brothers absolutely took care to cheer her up and take care of her in a very fun and playful way.


Claudia and Karsten thank you so so much again for coming over and giving me a little peek into your wonderful family. You guys did everything alright. You can be so proud of them and I know you are. Hope to see you guys again one day!


Please enjoy a little interview with Claudia and the wonderfulness of these five rockstars and have a Happy Wednesday!


1. Was machst Du beruflich?

Ich bin Dipl.-Pflegewirtin, arbeite aber im Moment eher als Familienmanagerin und in meiner freien Zeit (nämlich nachts) als Krankenschwester im Altenheim.



2. Dein Lebensmotto?

Gib mir die Gelassenheit, Dinge zu akzeptieren, die ich nicht ändern kann, den Mut, Dinge zu ändern, die ich ändern kann und die Weisheit, das eine vom anderen zu unterscheiden.



3. Dein heimliches Vergnügen?

Klavier spielen (leider nicht so gut, wie ich es gerne könnte) und laut singen und dabei durch die Wohnung tanzen.



4. Was liebst Du auf Deiner Pizza?




5. Karnivore, Vegetarier oder Veganer?

Karnivore, aber nur manchmal.



6. Wie trinkst Du Deinen Kaffee?

Stark, aber mit Milch.



7. Welcher Film hat Dich zuletzt so richtig zum Lachen gebracht?




8. Welcher Film hat Dich zum Weinen gebracht?

Das Schicksal ist ein mieser Verräter



9. Wenn Du mit jemandem ein Duett singen könntest, wer würde es sein?

Freddie Mercury







10. Mit wem würdest Du Dich gerne einmal zum Kaffeetrinken verabreden?

David Garrett



11. Was schätzt Du bei Deinen Freunden am meisten?

Dass wir gemeinsam lachen können und ich immer einen guten Ratschlag erhalte.



12. Was schätzen Deine Freunde am meisten an Dir?

Vielleicht meine Gelassenheit und Kreativität



13. Welches Kompliment hast Du zuletzt erhalten?

Ein Kompliment für die selbstgenähten Karnevalskostüme unserer Familie.



14. Was hast Du zuletzt verschenkt?

Eine Überraschungsparty für meine Schwiegermutter.



15. Welches gemeinnützige Projekt würdest Du unterstützen (oder unterstützt Du bereits)?

Elternhaus in Göttingen, dort haben wir selber während der Herz-OP unserer Tochter gewohnt und uns sehr geborgen gefühlt.



16. Welche Bücher, Websites, oder Blogs haben Dir sehr geholfen?
Deine wunderbaren Fotos, liebe Conny und das "dielila"-Forum.



17. Was war der beste Ratschlag, den Du jemals bekommen hast?

Sich ohne schlechtes Gewissen auch einmal Zeit für sich selber zu nehmen!



18. Welche drei Lektionen hast Du in den letzten drei Jahren gelernt?

1. Dinge einfach zu akzeptieren, die man nicht ändern kann.

2. Man muss nicht immer der Erste sein - Erfolg ist nicht alles.

3. Es gibt bedingungslose Liebe!










19. Was ist deine wichtigste gesunde Gewohnheit?

Wasser trinken und mit meinem Schweinehund um die Wette laufen.



20. Wie wirst Du mit den ganzen E-Mails fertig?
Klappt ganz gut. :-)



21. Deine Lieblings-App?

WhatsApp, Sonos 



22. Dein Lieblingsrestaurant?

Sushi oder El Ernie (Spanier, dort habe ich meinen Heiratsantrag erhalten.)



23. Dein letzter Urlaub?

Marina di Venezia (Camping an der italienischen Adria) 



24. Champagner oder Bier?




25. Yoga oder Pilates?

Weder noch: eher laufen, Inline skaten oder schwimmen



26. Zartbitterschokolade oder Vollmilchschokolade?

Vollmilch oder ganz dunkle Schokolade (85%).



27. iPhone oder Android?




28. Hohe Absätze oder Ballerinas?

Ballerinas außer zu besondern Anlässen.



29. Hunde oder Katzen?

Ich mag beide, hab aber weder noch.



30. Wo finden wir Dich Samstagabends um acht?

Vermutlich auf dem Sofa mit einem guten Buch oder in Erwartung auf einen guten Film.









"Water does not resist. Water flows. When you plunge your hand into it, all you feel is a caress. Water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you. But water always goes where it wants to go, and nothing in the end can stand against it. Water is patient. Dripping water wears away a stone. Remember that, my child. Remember you are half water. If you can't go through an obstacle, go around it. Water does." (Margaret Atwood)

We are all facing obstacles every now and then. A wise friend of mine once said: Ask yourself whether the problem will go away. Statistically, 80 percent of the problems we face will go away the minute we stop thinking about them. But if you feel you can't get over, under or around the obstacle, stand up to it firmly. You need to grow bigger than your obstacle. Remember Thomas Edison: Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.


Have a great start into this week, everyone! Stand up to your obstacles and do something about them. I'm sure you'll find out that they haven't half the power you think they have. Happy Monday!


Last night Juliana was super excited to surprise us with her new Guacamole recipe she brought home from school. Some of you may already know, Juliana's biggest dream is becoming a chef. Food (cooking and eating) is her passion. She insisted that no one is allowed to help her prepare it. She convinced us she has a lot of experience from school. I was so excited to taste her guacamole version, because it's a bit different from mine (I use avocados, cucumber, garlic, cilantro, lime, and no tomatoes and no chilli ;-). When she pulled out the chilli I told her that I would definitely do without it. It's way too hot for kids. Like most kids with a little extra, she always wants/needs to stick to the rules, and never break any habits. So for her it was totally impossible to leave the chilli out, because the recipe calls for it. Well, I guess you can imagine what happened. Of course the Guacamole was way too hot for her. She couldn't eat it. To see her change from super happy and super proud to super disappointed and super sad, it almost broke my heart.  She had put so much effort and love in preparing the Guacamole. But I guess the good thing about it: lesson learned! I bet she'll never touch any chilli again soon. ;-)

Julianas Guacamole.jpg

Not only Juliana had a bad „Guacamole experience" last night. While she prepared our dinner, the unbelievable news came that a legend has fallen. The doves were crying purple tears. The world loved him. He was our youth. It brought back so many memories to each and every one of his songs. We've lost another incredibly talent. Words are not enough.


When I say that Irina has hit the checkpot with these two guys I am not exaggerating a tiny bit. When her eldest son Daniel revealed his spontaneous travel plans to good ol' Germany, Irina didn't hesitate a minute and booked a photo shoot for him, respectively a little family session. I remember at our last session two years ago, she told me a million and one cool things about Daniel, and I was pretty baffled when I learned that we both have two common friends: Kevin Tarte and Carl van Wegberg. It's a small world after all! Back at the time when the musical „Dance of the Vampires" was performed at the Apollo Theater in Stuttgart, Daniel was part of the ensemble. In the meantime Daniel moved to New York and became a successful TV and film actor. „The next time he's in Germany, I will book a session with you, you got to meet my son", Irina enthusiastically promised. And I am so glad she did!


Not only is Daniel incredibly handsome, he's also one of the sweetest guys I know. Kindness runs in every single cell of his bloodstream. He's the dream son, dream son-in-law, dream brother, and attention girls: the dream guy! Probably an endangered species. ;-) No wonder that Irina is bursting with pride as a Mom. I totally understand. She did everything right with her two cool boys. They both rock. And one of them rocks an extra chromosome. That's how we met. Irina is such an inspiring and beautiful person. You would probably mistake her as Daniel's big sister. She's full of energy and optimism, despite that life had thrown her a few curveballs. Irina has such an inspiring story. To me she was a wonderful reminder of the importance of inner resilience. When we have enough mental strength, we can move our lives forward in incredible ways, despite the adversities we face. Like we have to train our muscles to gain physical strength, we can also train our brain to gain mental strength. At one point of her life Irina had chosen to be bold. She knows that no matter how tough things may feel, there's always something good waiting around the corner. She sees challenges as opportunities to grow and become a better person. Not only is she strong, but Irina also has the most beautiful smile, and it's so contagious.


Like Daniel, Max is the light and love of her life. He's such a cool and goofy little guy. And then he's the biggest charmer. He has a thing for all kinds of hats, it's his trademark. And he loves ice-cream. The three of them constantly made me laugh. The big happy laugh where your belly hurts. These are people who definitely make our world a more beautiful place. And now I can't wait to see them again and soak up all their good vibes and energy.


Please enjoy lots of eye candy and soul food! This combination is sometimes rare to find. Have a happy Wednesday, everyone! Spring is finally here, and we made sure to push up our Vitamin-D-levels today, as well as our serotonin levels after a nice and sunny stop at a new ice-cream parlor down-town. ;-)