Quote of the week

A simple hello could lead to a million things.

I exactly remember the day I met Juliane. It was in October 2006. She was pregnant .... and sweet little Alma  was born just a month later. Juliane had this typical glowing aura we always find with pregnant women. She knew that Alma would be a girl with a little extra. I just wonder whether she also already knew how incredibly beautiful and charming her little girl would be.


I've had the great privilege of accompanying this adorable little family ever since. Alma and her beloved Dad were featured in my book „Außergewöhnlich: Väterglück", and luckily I bumped into them every once in a while, because Alma and my kids went into the same kindergarten.


Three months ago I was super happy when I learned that Alma would be the model for our 2015 World Down Syndrome Awareness Campaign. I wished you could have seen her hanging out and posing with Tarzan and Jane. When she entered the stage of the Apollo Theater, it was literally as if someone had switched off ALL the lights and spotlights. Her sweet laughter, and even sweeter talking made everyone fall in love with her in an instant. Tarzan and Jane who are used to be the stars on (and off) the stage, both humbly and happily stepped aside and gave her the stage (symbolically). It was such a grand experience for all of us.


Last week, Juliane and Alma came over and we had picnic and strawberry sponge cake (I'm sure you remember my trial & error story ;-). While the kids played soccer (!), Juliane and I had the opportunity to talk about so many things we have in common, among other things the celiac disease of our daughters.


Juliane and Alma are both so very beautiful girls inside and out who truly make a difference in this world. I am sure these few images will help to kick off this week in the best way possible! Happy Monday, my friends!







A little inspiration and these two super happy lovebirds for the long weekend: "Life is too short to .... wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don't, and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said it would be easy, they just promised, it would be worth it ..... Life can be beyond awesome and beyond hideous. It throws us massive curve balls that shake us to the core where for a brief moment in time it feels impossible to move forward. And then in the same moment, big unimaginable opportunities present that are beyond our wildest dreams. Such is life when we allow ourselves to be raw, authentic, open, vulnerable and seen. Always choose to focus on the good and the positive, and not to be dragged into story or negative energy that only serves to keep you small and fearful. Life is too short ...."

Happy Pfingsten, everyone! I finally started to updating my portfolio a bit - still so many hidden treasures unpublished .... 


One of my charming models gracing the cover of this magazine - so flippin' proud!!!


May 21, 2015 // My life
If Facebook would have been around a few decades earlier, my beloved parents would have gotten this FB alert today: "On this day 50 years ago you had a really good time in Barcelona."

One of the greatest comforts in life is that no one can ever take away your memories. They are secured and sealed in your heart like in Fort Knox. And you only know what's in that big treasure box. When a loved one passes away the first time is so devastating. But after a while you can even smile and laugh out loud when you remember some fun stories. 

I fondly remember a trip to Seattle with my parents. We had lunch on top of the Space Needle in the SkyCity Restaurant (I guess that is very touristy). With our very fou-fou dessert choices, the kind waiter asked us enthusiastically: "So, is this a very special day, today?" And my Dad immediately replied: "Oh no, we're just visiting and enjoying the view." .... The waiter had already turned around when my Mom said with a silent voice: "Oh, yes it is a special day today, it's our 30th Wedding Day." I am sure most of the couples would have had a big argument now, because the wife would have had any reason to be sad, but one of my Dad's greatest gifts was easily making up with my Mom with his big charm and great humor. So he smiled at my Mom and said: "Oh darling, I was just testing you whether you remembered our big day." And of course, my Mom had to smile and the desserts felt so very special now.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! I can't tell you how much I miss you!!!


Two years ago when Annalina was pregnant with her second child Max  and just found out that he does have an extra chromosome, she dropped me a wonderful and very moving e-mail. Ever since then we are in contact, and I have been spoilt with the cutest updates of sweet little Max and his cool big brother Clemens. Annalina's wonderful friends and support system gave her this gift of a photo session with me when Max was born - now how flippin' awesome is that!! The last two years we've been e-mailing back and forth and during the morning we recently spent together, I realized Annalina and I are very much alike. Well, besides the Android phone, haha! I'm a full-fledged Apple aficionado ;-) Our husbands are also very alike. Gerrit is such a cool guy, so very funny - I love his dry humor. He's very relaxed and solid as a rock. I love their can-do attitudes, and that they are both drawn to positivity, and making the best out of every situation. They trust their gut and the voice in their heart.


Max's five-year-old big brother Clemens loves Lego Ninjago like my son, especially the Green Ninja. I think he was quite puzzled to meet a true Ninjago expert that day - I know that I don't look that cool, haha! He absolutely adores his sweet little brother and will always use all his superpowers to protect him and take care of him. It might as well be the other way round.


Max is one of these little boys that instantly give you the babyfever or worse, will turn you into a kidnapper, because you just can't help but want to take him home with you. Yes, I offered them unlimited babysitter services, too bad they live so far away! Max is such a cutie, when you meet him you'll know that God has a major plan for everyone. And everything makes sense and that there are always blessings in disguise. Just open your eyes, and more importantly your heart. This is a gift we all can learn, if we want to.

You wonderful friends of Annalina and Gerrit - thank you so much for sending me these lovely people over and making my day!


1. Was machst Du beruflich?

Aktuell bin ich noch in Elternzeit, ansonsten arbeite ich in der Personalentwicklung einer Unternehmensberatung.



2. Dein Lebensmotto?

Ein festes Motto hab ich nicht, aber ich mag z. B. "Love your life, enjoy each day!"



3. Dein heimliches Vergnügen?

Ich bin gerne Schnäppchenjägerin.



4. Was liebst Du auf Deiner Pizza?

Rucola, Parmiggiano und Sardellen



5. Karnivore, Vegetarier oder Veganer?

Ich liebe Grillen im Sommer mit einem leckeren Stück Fleisch.



6. Wie trinkst Du Deinen Kaffee?

Gern mit aufgeschäumter Milch und einige Tassen am Tag.



7. Welcher Film hat Dich zuletzt so richtig zum Lachen gebracht?

Monsieur Claude und seine Töchter



8. Welcher Film hat Dich zum Weinen gebracht?

Hmm, da fällt mir grad keiner ein ... dafür das Buch "Ein ganzes halbes Jahr" von Jojo Moyes



9. Wenn Du mit jemandem ein Duett singen könntest, wer würde es sein?

Oh je, das lass ich lieber ... Singen kann ich leider überhaupt nicht. :(



10. Mit wem würdest Du Dich gerne einmal zum Kaffeetrinken verabreden?

Wenn ich könnte mit meiner verstorbenen Oma, die mir sehr wichtig war.



11. Was schätzt Du bei Deinen Freunden am meisten?

Dass sie immer für mich da sind - egal ob zum Trösten und Beistehen in schweren Zeiten oder zum Lachen und Feiern in guten Zeiten.



12. Was schätzen Deine Freunde am meisten an Dir?

Hmm, gute Frage ... vielleicht meine Zuverlässigkeit und mein Einfühlungsvermögen.



13. Welches Kompliment hast Du zuletzt erhalten?

Ist das ein Kompliment, wenn man mit Mitte 30 immer noch für 18 gehalten wird? :)



14. Was hast Du zuletzt verschenkt?

Das Familienfoto von uns, welches Du gemacht hast, um es der Oma meines Mannes zum 100. Geburtstag zu schenken.



15. Welches gemeinnützige Projekt würdest Du unterstützen (oder unterstützt Du bereits)?

Wir unterstützen die SOS Kinderdörfer.



16. Abends schön ausgehen oder lieber gemütlich zuhause?

Beides schön, je nach Stimmung und Anlass.



17. Was war der beste Ratschlag, den Du jemals bekommen hast?

Hör auf dein Gefühl.



18. Welche drei Lektionen hast Du in den letzten drei Jahren gelernt?

Eine Garantie im Leben gibt es nicht.

Immer nach vorne schauen.

Jeden Augenblick genießen.



19. Was ist deine wichtigste gesunde Gewohnheit?

Viel lachen und Zeit mit positiven Menschen verbringen.





20. Was war das Verrückteste, das Du je gegessen hast?

In Asien hab ich ein paar Sachen gegessen, die ich als verrückt empfand ... und ich weiß teilweise bis heute nicht, was das war.



21. Deine Lieblings-App?




22. Dein Lieblingsrestaurant?

Aktuell das „Fischer" am Ammersee.



23. Dein letzter Urlaub?

Familienurlaub auf Fuerteventura.



24. Champagner oder Bier?

Kommt auf die Stimmung an.



25. Yoga oder Pilates?

Weder noch.



26. Zartbitterschokolade oder Vollmilchschokolade?

Am liebsten Kinder-Schokolade in allen Varianten.



27. iPhone oder Android?




28. Hohe Absätze oder Ballerinas?

Ich bin doch so klein... also Absätze.



29. Hunde oder Katzen?




30. Wo finden wir Dich Samstagabends um acht?

Meistens zuhause mit Freunden oder bei Freunden zuhause.