When I think of Valentine's Day, I think of it not just as a day for couples, but a day to just make all the special people in our life feel loved. People like YOU, our lovely readers! Because every single comment, e-mail and feedback from you makes our day in ways you'll never know!


Over at JUVELAN we are slowly getting in the Valentine mood. I can't tell you often enough of how much I love these guys. They are true gems. Hanging out with them brightens any cold and ugly winter day. I am so grateful to have them in my life. Valerie and Arvid teamed up, once again, for our little Valentine shoot.  We are already dying to present you guys our latest lookbook „The Valentine Issue" later this week. :)


But today, we'll try our best to get you started and help beat the January blues with another total goofy little making-of from the shoot. Please fall in love again with these guys. I know, you miss them as much as I do!


Happy Monday! Hope you smile! :)


P. S. Oh, and how about a fun little pillow fight today? Well, at least on your iPad desktop, hehe! You can DOWNLOAD IT HERE FOR FREE.


P. P. S. For all you socks-lovers out there .... :) We got such a kick out of it when we discovered at the shoot that we were all coincidentally wearing Ulli's socks, something totally unplanned, but sweet. Here's Ulli's solid fan base:


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