In anticipation of summer and warmer temperatures ... my beautiful muse Tamara and I are giving away this lovely dress from the talented designer Susanne Schönrok. The size is a generous „small/medium". For a chance to win, please leave a comment on my Facebook site - maybe some of you even know where Tamara is posing :). Tamara will randomly draw a winner this Sunday evening. Good luck, my friends and have a wonderful long Father's Day weekend!





Congratulations to Stella W. who has been randomly drawn by our beautiful good fairy Tamara.

In their heart of hearts, everyone is magic. But some people in our lives are extra magical. To me one of those people is Eddy. Ever since I met Julia and Peter, and photographed them with Eddy „inside" for my book „Außergewöhnlich: Väterglück", he has a huge spot in my heart. It is the wonderful and grateful feeling that „he made it" (unlike 95 % kids with a little exta who don't). I read somewhere that magic people have a mission. That, in fact, is true!


When Julia and Eddy came to the shoot, I got really emotional. Well Julia was emotional, too. But because they had quite an exhausting journey and she felt quite floppy. Her batteries were completely dead, since Eddy wasn't that morning the best version of himself, he felt exhausted, too. After we had talked for a while (we hadn't seen us in years!!!), and I got out my camera to start taking pictures, Julia said quite determined: „Today I will not laugh." The way she said it was so cute that it made me smile big time (inside). I completely understood. She was exhausted, felt almost kind of depressed and not beautiful. I replied to her that it is completely okay and that nobody has to laugh if he or she doesn't feel like it. There is nothing I do more dislike than people being not authentic. When I feel blue talking to my friends always helps. They help me seeing things from a different perspective. We can choose to view things differently. We can learn to see the rain as nourishment for future growth. We can choose to allow the light to shine in our life. I told Julia what I see in her and in Eddy, and that is quite a lot .... and after a while I believe she could it it too .... and smiled ... a very beautiful smile.










Over the last ten years I got to photograph some of the most beautiful people inside and out on this planet who had a great impact on my life, happiness and attitude. Lots of them are rockstars with a little extra in their chromosomal makeup - kids and families with down syndrome. The launch of our „Mutmach-Block" (a little notepad in the size of 10,5 x10,5 cm with lots and lots of pictures of cute & cool models with a little extra - perfect for dropping a loved one or special person a line) is a wonderful opportunity to show some of my little heroes: Benjamin , Jan , Juliana , Leonie , Marina , Máxima , Neele , Sontje , Theo , Tom , and some of their awewome brothers and sisters! A big thank you to their families for sending me in their tiny movies - I still have a big smile on my face! Here's a little extra sunshine, joy, laughter, energy, snuggling, charisma, happiness and love! Always dream big and love big! Enjoy - I wish you love!


This week our lovely supermodel TAMARA has been accompanied by the popular anchorman and reporter JOHANNES ZENGLEIN of the Sat.1 TV show „Weck Up" and his awesome team Peter (cameraman), Anne (sound girl) and Caro (graphic designer & assistant) for this week's topic „beauty". Shining as bright as the sun, Tamara is beautifully showcasing JUVELAN's „October necklace". We had all so much fun and are head over heels with this charming girl. Freddy couldn't have had a better start into his birthday that day, and we all left on cloud nine. Big kiss for Ulli for putting together another fun little video! A big thank you to the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart for their permission and having us again, and a big thank you to Sat.1 - Weck Up for their donation to our local charity group „46PLUS - Down-Syndrom Stuttgart e. V.

Edited: For all of you who missed the show yesterday, here it is! :-)

Here's a little dose of happiness - enjoy! And have a wonderful SUNNY Sunday!  :-)










This month our 46PLUS Calendar exhibition can be seen at our Stuttgart children's library, Zentrale Kinderbibliothek, Mailänder Platz 1. Enjoy! :)