Quote of the week

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

A few more images from our girls' afternoon the other day where we were taking turns in taking pictures of one another. And boy, do I feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, although Alexandra did a very good job! :) Let's begin with a little documentation on how to successfully do a bun. Leonie looks incredibly adorable with it .... and Juliana loves it, too. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday, all you lovely people!



Remember what they say about making a good first impression? Well, the same applies to a photo shoot. Usually you will start slow and first get to know each other a bit. Well, obviously not with two brilliant comedians on board as models. It felt like our shoot started like a rocket and accelerated from zero to a hundred in three seconds. :) 

When the super nice and ridicuously gifted Swabian cabaret artist and comedien, Christoph Sonntag, came to the shoot and realized that there were a lot of women present (our local TV and newspaper was there, too), he smiled and said: „With so many women present, I bet there is Advocaat!" We all got a good laugh out of this one. Then our utterly cute and handsome model Tim walked up to Christoph, gave him his hand and greeted him with a sly look on his face: „Hello, Christoph Montag!" (Hello, Christoph Monday - his surname is „Sonntag" = Sunday). As you can imagine, the ice was immediately broken, cause we all laughed out loud.


We had such a fun shoot and left all with a huge smile on our faces ... the ones that go from ear to ear and last all day long. :)


BTW, our cute supermodel Tim  is turning 9 today. Happy Birthday, you little big sunshine! May blessings rain down hard today!!! :)


Enjoy a little bit more of Tim and Christoph Sonntag ....


This little charmer has it all figured out! :)


Comedians can be great researchers, too! :)



Priceless!!! :)



Mama Simone was the proudest!


Our AWESOME team!!!! 




Christoph was so generous and gave us his latest book and CD "Alte Zeiten - Neue Zeiten" - and signed them all.


With much joy I flipped around our 46PLUS calendar to January 2013. It's an instant lift-me-up-and-make-me-smile photo. These two girls are my heroines! They are beautiful in every sense of the word, but most of all I LOVE and adore their humor. They both know how to laugh a lot and not take life too seriously. No wonder these two supermodels get along so very well. It clicked between them the minute they met.

The day of our calendar shooting at the Palladium Theater in Stuttgart, on the stage of the musical Rebecca where Pia plays the role of "Mrs. Danvers", we were accompanied by the rad team of the Ki.KA television for their program "Schau in meine Welt".

On a sadder note, the musical Rebecca will have its Dernière in Stuttgart this Sunday night. Although I am really looking forward seeing the show, finally seeing Valerie and Jan perform, and meeting some wonderful people there, it is really sad to see them all go, cause this incredible cast has really grown on me.

Please enjoy a few images and behind-the-scenes shots from your calendar shoot. In case you're interested, you can still buy our calendar here, and herewith support our down syndrome charity group 46PLUS with your purchase. Thank you so much!










It had been such a pleasure working with this awesome team, generously supported by Stage Entertainment.


So HAPPY to see my beautiful Girl with the Freckles in the December Issue of the magazine "Lisa" - Hip Hip Horray, Tamara ! You go, girl!!!!! :)



This family is just about as good as it gets: Johanna, Jan  , Sandra & Christian. It's always a great joy and huge honor spending time with them. Unfortunately, our favorite Australian restaurant closed. Now we have to find a substitute in order to enjoy each others company with great food and lots of toasting :) Sandra & Christian are some of the sweetest and most loving people I have ever met. And they have the biggest hearts! They always go the extra mile and help raising down syndrome awareness. Last year in March, they organized our exhibition "Außergewöhnlich: Väterglück" in the Walldorf City Hall in order to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. Two years ago, my publisher David Neufeld and I were completely over the moon with joy when Sandra & Christian organized at their local printer 2.000 additional copies of our Wall Calendar "A little extra" and had them distributed to pregnancy counseling offices in Eastern Germany. How flippin' awesome is that!!!!!?? But like David said yesterday: "Little by little does the trick." If every single one of us gives his pediatrician, gynecologist, speech therapist, kindergarten (the list goes on and on) just ONE calendar ... There is no one giant step that does it. It's a lot of little steps ..... We can ALL make a difference in this world!

Please fall in love with this beautiful family and have a HAPPY THURSDAY!



Jan is such a charmer! He knows his way around and conquers everybody's heart in a heartbeat!



I fell in love with this pretty girl when she was a mere seven days old. That is when I photographed her for the first time. Since then Johanna is blossoming into a very beautiful girl and little princess who loves dressing up, golden glittery shoes and ballet. She's pretty wild at heart and keeps Daddy in good shape, cause she loves goofying around and being thrown into the sky really really scaringly high :).







Sandra is a school teacher, and one of the most gracious, generous and beautiful women I know. I am absolutely smitten by her.