Lin is one of the cutest, prettiest, and most thoughtful girls I have met lately. Before she travelled to Stuttgart to have a four-hour mentoring session with me, she sent me the sweetest e-mails, which always lifted me up and carried me through the rest of the day. She's a true gem. And she is super shy that you just wanna hug her and tell her how sweet she is.


When Lin showed me her photography portfolio on her iPad, I literally fell off my chair. So much talent. So much beauty. She certainly has the eye and the heart to take incredible images and capturing the true essence of her subjects. After I viewed half of her images, I jokingly asked her: „So why are you here?" Then Lin gave me her cute shy look and silently told me that she so much enjoys taking pictures, but then she absolutely struggles to blog them, because she seemed to never finding the right words to write a great blog post that suits her images or the people she photographs.


Interestingly this is something I hear very very often from photographers who are excellent in what they do, but then they feel very awkard in finding the right words or writing something interesting about their photo shoot.


In my opinion you don't need to have majored in journalism or your mother language, as long as you stay authentic and write from the heart, it will always sound great and will capture your readers. Good writing isn't about picking the right words, you need to make your audience to feel something. Inspire them. Writing is emotion. Maybe it helps when you imagine one of your favorite people or cheerleaders on the other end who will be reading your post. Just write as you would talk to her or him. And free yourself from the pressure of what other people may think about you. If someone doesn't like what you do then he or she might not be on the same wavelength with you anyway. So then it's a good thing you have put them off. The ones who love you for who you are and what you write and post about, will come back to you. I remember at one of the last workshops I attended, one of the photographers told us that she has put a very romantic almost corny poem on the intro page of her website. With that she would attract the right clients who are on the same page as she is. Also she would repel the wrong clients for her.


Have a great weekend, everyone! 


Jacqueline is a family & kids photographer based nearby Munich who came to visit me for her four hour mentoring session. Jacqueline came well prepared with a cute little notebook loaded with questions. After her portfolio review we talked about consistency and how important it is to constantly deliver the same quality and style. When your business website is consistent, it builds trust and your clients know what to expect when they hire you. When your work is inconsistent, they don't know what work they will end up with and might probably move on to another photographer. If you show more than one style in your work on your website, they will not know for sure what to get in the end, so that might make them forced to direct you in the style that they wish for, and none of us artists does enjoy this, because we feel most creative when we are trusted and when we may shoot and edit the way we feel and see things.


Our half day was packed with tons of stuff. I think we covered everything from how to win clients, the magic of word-of-mouth, the forgotten power of a newsletter to some powerful truths like „your vibe attracts your tribe" etc. Jacqueline and I had so much fun. I sometimes felt she is the brunette version of myself, cause we have the same humor and same attitude.


The weather couldn't have been more terrible that day, but you can't really tell how dark it was at the coffee shop, cause Jacqueline shines as bright as the sun. Happy Tuesday!



A couple of weeks ago this beautiful young lady came to Stuttgart and we had a killer time at her photography slash business slash life consult. A few years ago Anja's photography journey embarked into the wedding field, and I was incredibly impressed about her very unique business concept. She has found her niche and clientele which is very important in this super saturated market.


Besides photography in general and some posing guidance in detail, we talked about how important it is to sometimes just take a day or more days off, meet people who inspire and motivate you and who give you a new perspective when you feel stuck or if you just need another lift-me-up. From every encounter you have, you always (hopefully) take one important message with you. I remember a few years ago I attended a photography workshop in Stuttgart. Although I was already familiar with most things discussed there, I took one little piece of advice with me which later on saved me hundreds of time on Photoshop. We should always have an open mind, because we can learn from every person we encounter. Everyone can teach us something.



Happy Tuesday, everyone! I'd love to leave you with a few images of one of my favorite people out there. This girl shines as bright as the sun. In most of my mentoring sessions, time always flies so flippin' fast that I never get a chance to snap a few images of my wonderful mentees. I will change that. 









Today I've got some beautiful mail in my mailbox (see last picture) .... maybe another great example of how to live by my new favorite mantra (see yesterday's post) "Invest in the people who invest in you." A couple of weeks ago my beautiful friend (and supermodel) Melanie gave me a call and asked for a mentoring session. When she told me about her awesome idea, I was quite impressed and deeply inspired. Today a year ago, Melanie married the love of her life Peter. She told me she still has got so much footage from their wedding's videographer that she wanted not only to surprise Peter with a cute little wedding film of their big day, but also send the link of this video to all their wonderful family & friends who had made this day and their life extra special. Melanie had asked me to give her a little tour through the world of iMovie. And holy moly what can I say, Melanie is a keen and avid learner! The day Melanie left the house to meet me at Starbucks, Peter was all curious what the two of us were doing. Since she had left in her casual clothes he figured it couldn't possibly be another photo shoot. He was also wondering why she brought her notebook. We had so much fun to both give Peter the runaround. :)

It only took Melanie a day to edit a really awesome movie - I am so flippin' proud of her! I am so happy for these two to have found each other - and be truly in love! That is what life is all about anyway .... live, laugh and love!

Happy Anniversary you two crazy amazing people!!!!! Happy Tuesday, everyone!



People in the coffee shop probably thought we were nuts when we were listening to royalty free music for the video. After all, the music plays a really important part, if not THE most important part.



Every wedding guest got this lovely card from Melanie today including a little thank you note and the link to her vimeo account on the back.

April 15, 2015 // Mentoring Sessions

The other day I gave my good friend Ulli's good friend Andrea a mentoring session. Andrea had booked my so-called „mamarazzi session" to learn how to take that fancy DSLR camera off automatic and photograph her kids more like a pro. We talked about common beginner mistakes and how to avoid them. About how to capture light to make photos more dramatic, and above all how to capture the uniqueness and wonder of our families. After two hours of lots of theory, I thought now it would be great to show everything in practice. As our luck would have it, Ulli's handsome and almost 18-year-old son happened to stop by to deliver something from his Mom. I saw my chance and persuaded him to model for us real quick. And OMG, not only did he agree (I was convinced he thought that would be „uncool"), but he also did so great and I spotted some real talent there. Both Andrea and I had to bite our tongues, because we couldn't believe that he is no longer the cute little Benni (I've been knowing him since he's 5), but has grown up to a very smart and super handsome young man. I would say Brad Pitt has some serious competition growing here!!! ;-) Ugh, I wished I could see Ulli's face now when she'll check out this post and his images, because I know she will totally fall off her chair in total surprise AND pride!


Of course, I couldn't help asking Benni my 30 questions ;-) Please enjoy and have a great Wednesday! Time flies way too fast!

1. Was machst Du beruflich?
Ich mache eine Ausbildung zum Industriemechaniker im zweiten Lehrjahr

2. Dein Lebensmotto?
Hab ich nicht.

3. Dein heimliches Vergnügen?
Party bis zum Morgengrauen, aber das ist ja eigentlich nicht heimlich.

4. Was liebst Du auf Deiner Pizza?
Schinken und Salami

5. Karnivore, Vegetarier oder Veganer?
Ich esse alles, was es gibt.

6. Was war das Verrückteste, das Du je gegessen hast?
Rebhühner, aber ich habe noch viel vor.

7. Wie trinkst Du Deinen Kaffee?
Ich trinke keinen Kaffee.

8. Welcher Film hat Dich zuletzt so richtig zum Lachen gebracht?

9. Welcher Film hat Dich zum Weinen gebracht?
Noch keiner.

10. Wenn Du mit jemandem ein Duett singen könntest, wer würde es sein?



11. Mit wem würdest Du Dich gerne einmal zum Kaffeetrinken verabreden?
Ich trinke doch keinen Kaffee ;-) . Aber Tee trinken würde ich mit Opa, wenn er noch leben würde.

12. Was schätzt Du bei Deinen Freunden am meisten?
Ihre Zuverlässigkeit und ihren Humor.

13. Was schätzen Deine Freunde am meisten an Dir?
Dass sie mir vertrauen können und es mit mir nicht langweilig wird.

14. Welches Kompliment hast Du zuletzt erhalten?
"Du bist ein hübscher Junge!"

15. Welches gemeinnützige Projekt würdest Du unterstützen (oder unterstützt Du bereits)?

16. Was war der beste Ratschlag, den Du jemals bekommen hast?
Von meinem Vater: "Junge, mach 'ne Ausbildung!"

17. Welche drei Lektionen hast Du in den letzten drei Jahren gelernt
* Von nix kommt nix.
* Man muss sich gegenseitig respektieren.
* Man lernt nie aus.

18. Was ist deine wichtigste gesunde Gewohnheit?
Regelmäßig Sport

19. Dein Lieblingswitz?
Wie viele Liegestütze schafft Chuck Norris? Alle!



20. Deine Lieblings-App?

21. Dein letzter Urlaub?
Bodensee mit den Kollegen

22. Star Wars oder Star Trek?
Star Wars

23. Facebook oder Twitter?

24. Hiking oder Biking?
Weder noch, sondern Fitness.

25. Zartbitter- oder Vollmilchschokolade?

26. iPhone oder Android?

27. Anzug oder Jeans?

28. Hunde oder Katzen?

29. Pool oder Meer?

30. Wo finden wir Dich Samstagabends um acht?
Hausparties bei Freunden.